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Lismore Preschool

62 Brewster St. Lismore N.S.W 2480

Phone: (02) 6621 5428

Preschool Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Extended Hours: 3.30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Early Years Learning Framework

The preschool program is developed using The Early Years Learning Framework - Belonging, Being, Becoming. Australia’s first national framework for early childhood education. Elements of the framework include clear guidelines on best practice and clear principles that see the child as an active and involved learner.

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The five outcomes acknowledge that children learn in a variety of ways and guide educators in supporting children to work towards personal and individual outcomes, extending their own knowledge and ideas and taking into account family, context, community, culture and individual beliefs and values.

The framework recognises learning is not always predictable nor moves in a "clear line". Every one of us will continue to "achieve outcomes" our entire lives as we build new meanings and knowledge.

Individual Learning Outcomes

Lismore Preschool will strive to support your child to develop:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity: Learning about themselves, to construct their own identity within the context of family and community.
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world: Meaningful relationships, opportunities and experiences that support children’s ways of belonging, being and becoming.
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing: Strong social and emotional wellbeing, resilience, healthy lifestyles, independence and confidence.
  • Children are confident and involved learners: Curious, enthusiastic and participants, reflective co-constructors of knowledge.
  • Children are effective communicators: Numeracy, literacy, creativity, dance, storytelling, media, drama, symbols and patterns – verbal and non-verbal expression.

Areas Of Learning & Development

  • Social and emotional development.
  • Art; wide range of mediums including paint, collage and clay.
  • Equity and gender reflections and natural materials.
  • Literacy and language.
  • Sand, water and sensory play.
  • Science and technologies.
  • Building and construction.
  • Mathematics.
  • Health, fitness and gross motor skills.
  • Problem solving & resilience.
  • Environment and sustainable practices (at home, preschool and the wider "world" picture).
  • Self-identity, cultural responsiveness.
  • Music, movement, songs, rhythms and rhymes.
  • "Fairness" and consideration to the responsibilities that come with being both individual and a member of society in many communities.

Portfolios and Child Development Records

Each child has a personal "portfolio" folder that contains records of their development, learning experiences, art creations, language and work samples and photos.

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This portfolio belongs to the child and as such, we encourage children to access it to re-visit experiences,add writing/pictures or ideas and share it with their families.

We welcome parent/family input to these portfolios to enable them to become a truly "shared" record of your child's preschool journey.

You are welcome to take these portfolios home to share with other family members, however we do ask that you please advise a staff member if you are taking it from the preschool grounds so that we don't think it is missing!

Family/parent teacher interviews are carried out several times a year (times will be advised in newsletter); however you are always welcome to make an appointment to see your child's teacher at any time during the year if you wish to have a yarn.

Children Needing Additional Support

At Lismore Preschool we are proud of having "high expectations" for all children who attend. If your child requires additional support, resources or requirements to achieve his/her best outcome, we are pleased to work in partnership with your family to achieve your goals.

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One of the necessary resources may be additional educator support so it would be valuable if you could please bring any relevant paediatric reports, referrals or assessments with you on your enrolment visit to enable us to consider suitable placement of staff and resources.

We are grateful to you Lismore preschool, and your staff, for preparing our son for his journey into primary school next year. You have provided more than we expected. Your award winning programmes have helped our little boy become aware of environmental issues and helped develop his social skills. We have seen how your inclusive policies have provided him with a sense of empathy that he expresses towards others, and that makes us proud.

We feel you are an extension of our family and we love you. Thank you.

- Judith, Anthony and Frankie