At Lismore Preschool we aim to provide a supported and secure environment where children are viewed as capable, competent individuals who are actively involved in constructing their own learning. We seek to embed sustainable and equitable best practice within all experiences and interactions, supporting shared thinking, social justice, inclusion, and reflective practice built around our relationships and connectedness to country. Lismore Preschool acknowledges the people of the Bundjalung Nation and the local Widjabul Wia-bal Country as the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and learn.

We value a child-centred play-based curriculum underpinned by the principles, practices, and outcomes of the National Early Years Learning Framework – “Belonging, Being and Becoming.” (V2.0). As members of the Lismore community, we are committed to respectful partnerships with local family support organisations in our region, advocating for the rights across all contexts.

In relation to children, we believe:

  • Responsive relationships are integral to effective interactions and engagements with children.
  • We scaffold learning and support children to persevere and take on challenges.
  • We look for opportunities to engage with and support children as partners in learning, valuing holistic teaching and learning opportunities.
  • We believe all children learn best as active learners, when they considered to be capable and unique and offered opportunities to become critical thinkers.
  • Children’s ideas and interests are listened to and reflected upon throughout the shared journey of learning.
  • To ‘be’ is to live in the here and now – to recognize the value of stillness, value children’s desire for peace and solitude and allow time to slow down and listen respectfully.
  • All children have the capacity to succeed, regardless of their abilities and circumstances and have the right to the necessary support required to participate alongside their peers to achieve high quality learning outcomes.

In relation to educators, we believe:

  • The diversity and strengths of individuals create the richness of our team and is openly valued.
  • We understand that personal wellness and wellbeing are integral to effective relationships with children, families and each other.
  • We seek to recognise, value and be responsive to, our individual journeys of being, belonging and becoming.
  • We celebrate individual and team success, recognising opportunities for further knowledge building and personal leadership contributions.
  • We recognize our personal philosophies are supported and guided by centre philosophy, built upon the Code of Ethics, Early Years Learning Framework and shared pedagogical best practice theory.

In relation to families, the Management Committee and the wider community:

  • We celebrate cultural traditions, knowledge and inclusive practice and are committed to building further knowledge around these practices.
  • We are committed to working in partnerships with families, challenging issues of inequity and advocating for positive social outcomes for children, families and community
  • We are guided by safe workplace policies, standards and practices.
  • We follow lawful policies and procedures and adhere to a commitment of best practice decision-making.
  • We are committed to open communication and developing partnerships with children, families and the wider community.